I had been dating my boyfriend for about six months when he told me that he wanted to break up. It was really bad timing as my brother had just died in a motorbike accident. If it had not been for the support of the girls from Ealing escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/ealing-escorts, I am pretty sure that I would have gone completely mad, but I did manage to pull through. More than anything, the way my boyfriend broke up with me was really hurtful.


As he left my flat and handed back the keys, he told me that he would send me an email with all of the things that he thought was wrong with me. I just stood there with my mouth opening and closing like a goldfish, but sure enough, when I checked my inbox, I noticed that I had received an email from him. In the mail he listed all of my faults, and it started with me working for Ealing escorts.


If he had such a hang up about Ealing escorts, why had he not told me in the first place. I could not believe that we had been going out for six months and during that time he had totally hated me working for Ealing escorts. Now that he was free of me, he said that he would tell all of his friends that I worked for a Ealing escorts service so they would not go out with me. I thought that part was really disgusting.


Fortunately for me, I don’t live in Ealing, and the only people I really see in Ealing, are the other Ealing escorts. I was angry and worried that he would put something up on my Facebook account which my family would see. The next point in the email was about my dress sense. Apparently he thought that I had terrible dress sense and should not be allowed out looking the way I look. That was weird as when we first met he had told me he liked the way I dressed.


After that he continued to critise my looks and my figure. I was so upset that I just burst out in tears. The next night when I went into the escort agency in Ealing, I found it hard to concentrate on my date. The guy new me pretty well and spotted that something was wrong. In the end I showed him the email, and he told me that the guy was an idiot. A couple of days later, my date came back with flowers, and I started to feel better. So far, I have not heard anything from my ex boyfriend. Is he going to slam me online? If he does, I have promised my date to tell him. Apparently he is going to deal with him. What he means by that I really don’t know, and I really don’t care. Why should a human being be so awful to another human being? I really don’t get that and I would not dream of behaving that way.


Doing good enough
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