She can’t understand why he did but I suppose he was overcome by passion. The thing is, I don’t think it is a really bad crime and arresting him seems a bit over the top to me. After all, passion can so easily overcome us and I wonder if this is what happened in this case. He is a very decent chap and putting him up on a charge for it seems a bit excessive. But, I suppose it can happen to anybody.


Like I said to my North London escorts of friends, it is summer and it is hot aside. We are spending a lot of more time outside and this can indeed let passions run wild. It can’t be helped that the odd passionate incident takes place and I suggested to my North London escorts friends that the police should ignore it. Don’t they have anything better to do with their time? I would have thought that the North London police would have much better things to do than changing around after couples having sex or are they just trying to score points.


Of course, most of us sexy know that it is not the one thing to have sex in public places. I think that if you do fancy having sex in a public place you should choose your place carefully. Like I said to my North London escorts friends, you shouldn’t exactly be having sex in the fountain in Trafalgar Square. Perhaps you could try some of the parks which are open all night or one of the many squares which can be found in North London. I am all for sex out in the open, it can be really nice.


I asked some of my sexy North London escorts if they had sex in a public place. Most of my North London escorts friends had fancied having sex in a public place but very few of them had dared to. I can understand that but I think that discreet places are perfectly alright. The laws surrounding sex in public places in North London are a bit quirky. The police can do you for indecent exposure but the sex act itself does not seem to be band in most North London parks. That doesn’t mean that you should do it in broad day light, after dark might be a lot better.


I am sure that a lot of people have fancied having sex in a public place. Car bonnets seems to be a firm favorite but of course you have to be careful where you park your car. Up against a tree or just on a blanket are other favorite places. People have some interesting fantasies when it comes to having sex in public places and I think it would make an interesting forum topic. Perhaps we would find out what is on people’s minds and give us a better insight into the sex lives of Brits in public.

Her brother got arrested for having sex in a public place
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